Write an article about your philosophy of nursing In this

 Write an article about your philosophy of nursing 

In this article, you will discuss your philosophy of nursing and how that philosophy relates to a selected nursing theory.

  • Discuss your personal philosophy of nursing. 
  • Briefly introduce your selected theorist and their theory.
  • Discuss how the theory aligns with your personal philosophy of nursing. 

Here are some helpful links to get you started thinking about this.

What is a Personal Philosophy of Nursing – and How Can it Help My Career? (Links to an external site.)

Paging Dr. Nurse…Hopefully Terminal – Adventures in the life of a full-time DNP student, RN, Army Reservist, and Mom (Links to an external site.)

This should be a formal article (i.e. follow APA 7th edition rules, use a cover page, have a reference page, in-text citations, etc.) 

The body of the article should be 400 –500 words (about 2 pages double-spaced). 

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