View the PowerPoint with this week, and answer the questions

 View the PowerPoint with this week, and answer the questions below. Give an example of a personal perspective of belief-short-

Answer these questions: There are six ways to enforce the ADA, described in the PowerPoint.  Which should occur most often?  Which has the greatest cost? else.  Please explain why you have that belief.

 There are four steps in the Therapeutic Recreation Process, and Eight Steps in the Recreation Inclusion Process.  Which four steps are found in both processes? 

 Give me your opinion: should medical marijuana, in the more than 33 states in which it is legal, be viewed as a reasonable modification under the ADA?  Support your opinion.

 Revisit the PowerPoint and review the Iowa City schools settlement agreement regarding playground accessibility.  Answer this question: if accessibility is a function of three factors (design, construction or installation, and maintenance), what is the greatest concern in the Iowa City schools’ playgrounds settlement agreement? 

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