The Purpose of the Report and the Problem (one page)


The Purpose of the Report and the Problem (one page)

The Purpose: You must be specific about your purpose in about three to five sentences. What did you intend to learn from this research experience? (Hint: check your course outline objectives) What will the reader learn from reading your report? 

The Summary: Briefly introduce the topic of your scenario. Summarize all the events that occurred in your scenario and your role.

The Problem: State the problem that you as a supervisor or manager need to handle by discussing the issues you need to solve. YOU MUST BE SPECIFIC ABOUT THE PROBLEM. Make sure you cover every aspect of the problem that is outlined in the scenario. Do not offer any recommendations in this section

Here are guided questions to answer every aspect regarding the problem you should solve from the question:

Provide Research to answer this question:

Before answering the following questions, provide a brief description of Uber services.

  1. What is the definition for an      independent contractor? Are Uber drivers independent contractors? Is it      ethical to classify Uber drivers as independent contractors?

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