Respond in paragraph form by restating the question (“I think

 Respond in paragraph form by restating the question (“I think that X because Y”). Respond to at least 2 of the following 3 prompts.

1) From the Renaissance to the Baroque music underwent an explosion of complexity. Relatively simpler four- or six-part motets and madrigals were continually expanded into the orchestral masterpieces of Bach or the grand oratorios of Handel.

Describe in your own words how you experience the difference between Renaissance and Baroque music. 

2) Pick a favorite recording among all of the Baroque music you listened to in the text. Which piece is your favorite? Why and how?

3) Of the three style periods we’ve studied so far – MedievalRenaissanceBaroque – which is your favorite? What’s your best piece of music you’ve heard so far for this? Here’s the important part: try to describe why. All the same problems of question #2 apply here as well but give it your best.

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