reply agree or disagree This week, we were asked to

reply agree or disagree 

This week, we were asked to discuss what tools and methods we are using to analyze our data.  We are also being asked what the plan of attack is and what we are hoping to find through this analysis. With that being said, the tools that I will be using are Excel and RStudio. These are useful tools because they are widely available and can be accessed on any computer, whether it be Windows or Mac-based. Within these programs, many functions will be useful to my analysis. Excel will be used primarily for the analysis to forecast data and provide moving averages. This data will be used for future sales and the stocking of inventory for different departments. While RStudio also has many tools within it that are great for analysis, it isn’t as user-friendly for someone who does not have computer coding experience. Therefore, it will be used minimally to obtain a Wordcloud which will highlight the frequently used terms so companies may have a good visual representation.

Both of these programs work well with the dataset that was found as the data is in a spreadsheet. Excel works best in spreadsheet form and RStudio can import either spreadsheets or text data for data analysis. 

The overall expectation of what I am hoping to find, are which departments are selling the most items during the holiday seasons. A hypothesis of what I believe to be in high demand is the electronics department. Another outcome that is hypothesized is that the departments that are selling the most products are likely producing a higher revenue. 

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