Prompt: In this moral quandry (where the trans athlete remains


Prompt:  In this moral quandry (where the trans athlete remains biologically male), make an argument for whose rights to compete in female school sports should be protected, and why.  Why should the other group (the group that will lose the ability to compete in your answer) let go of their desires in the situation?  And what will be the long-term consequences to society of your answer?  Do you have an alternative that might please both sides?  Your answer will likely be somehow connected with whether you believe there is objective truth in the world (like the chromosomes of sex) or whether you believe in a more Nietzschean/Postmodern unreality in which individuals define their own realities.  

These two short videos might help get your thinking started.  There’s one on each side of the debate.  In your answer, please try to show me that you watched the video material, and include one other properly cited source to support your answer.  

Watch the video here, which clearly sides with the female athletes against the transgendered students. Then watch the trailer below to a new movie called Changing the Game which sides with the transgendered athletes. 

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