Part I: Plan and carry out activities from one of


Part I: Plan and carry out activities from one of the four practices listed below, found in Chapter 4 of Zig Zag: The Surprising Path to Greater Creativity: Play. The activities in the practice may be completed individually or collaboratively. 

  • First Practice: Visualize
  • Second Practice: Relax
  • Third Practice: Find the Right Box
  • Fourth Practice: Be a Beginner

Part II: Get together with someone (ideally a family member or child) to teach that person about the first 4 Zig Zag steps, using simple, colorful visual or audio aids to demonstrate important aspects of the steps.  

In an initial post, tell the story of your engagement with the activities in one of the four practices in Chapter 4. To introduce the story, let everyone know why you chose the practice you selected. Then, talk about the process of carrying out the activities (individually or collaboratively), including what you learned about creativity and problem-solving. 

As part of your story, connect the teaching process of the first four Zig Zag steps with ideas from “The Creative School” chapter in “The Runaway Species.” Talk about ways in which the teaching process and Play chapter practice you worked with might be helpful in solving the problem you selected in Module 2. 

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