One of the most significant loopholes in federal gun control

One of the most significant loopholes in federal gun control laws is background check provisions: licensed gun dealers currently do not require to conduct instant background checks. However, background checks of individuals purchasing a firearm at gun shows and other private sales required were about 40 percent.
In a minimum of 300 words, using scholarly material and proper citations, explain the recent attempts to change this law and why or why not this law should be changed. You must submit your response in an APA format with in-text citations using at least five sources such as your textbook and other scholarly materials (i.e., journal articles, information from other textbooks are not acceptable.). Your scholarly references should be sources within five years of the date of this class. Do not submit any academic material without the author’s name or original published date of the material. No author or dated (n.d.) material is acceptable.
Your assignment must be in an APA paragraph format with in-text citations and an APA formatted reference list. If you are not familiar with the APA format, you will need to review the APA and Sample Assignment documents under Course Information – Course Resources. Your assignment must be as a WORD document attachment for grading. No assignment written in the add comment area is acceptable.

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