HSM 315 University of Central Florida Corporate Compliance Officer interview

Interview a corporate compliance officer of any healthcare organization and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the organization’s compliance program. You can do this via phone, Skype, in person, or possibly even e-mail. How you obtain the information is your decision. Some organizations publish their compliance plans on the Web. It is fine to reference web-based resources, but it is essential that you make a connection with the corporate compliance officer to ask questions about his/her background, reporting relationships, and, if they are willing to describe what they believe are the greatest compliance challenges and successes they have faced.

Feel free to select any type of healthcare organization to interview and analyze. In addition to hospitals and healthcare systems, other examples of healthcare organizations include pharmaceutical companies, durable medical equipment manufacturers, health insurers among others. You can search the OIG’s compliance guidance website for other examples.

  • Part 1: Prepare 10-12 questions that you plan to use to interview the corporate compliance officer or compliance director for the paper.
  • Part 2: Prepare a 6 to 8 page paper describing the organization’s compliance function. Include descriptions of the qualifications of the compliance officer, reporting relationships, how (or whether) the compliance plan contains the five key components. Using primary resources and APA format.
  • Part 3: Provide a brief overview of your interview with a Corporate Compliance Officer

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Interviewing a corporate compliance officer of a healthcare organization is an essential task conducted by medical college students to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the compliance program. This process involves preparing a set of interview questions, communicating with the compliance officer, and creating a report of the organization’s compliance function. In this article, we will outline the steps to prepare an interview, write a report, and provide an overview of the interview with a corporate compliance officer.

Part 1: Prepare interview questions
1. What is your background, and how did you become a corporate compliance officer for this healthcare organization?
2. What are the five key components of the compliance plan, and how do you ensure that they are incorporated into the program?
3. Can you explain the reporting relationships within the compliance function?
4. Please describe any training programs that the organization offers for compliance officers and staff.
5. How does the compliance program mitigate risks related to fraud and abuse in the healthcare industry?
6. How does the organization stay up-to-date with compliance regulations and changes in the healthcare industry?
7. Can you describe any significant compliance challenges that the organization has faced over the years?
8. What are the most successful compliance initiatives that the organization has implemented, and how were they successful?
9. Can you describe any current or upcoming compliance projects or initiatives within the organization?
10. How does the compliance program encourage and promote a culture of ethical behavior within the organization?

Part 2: Write a report
After completing the interview, it is essential to create a detailed report of the organization’s compliance function. This report should include a summary of the organization’s compliance program, a description of the corporate compliance officer’s qualifications, reporting relationships, and how the compliance plan includes the five key components. The report should also outline any training programs, risk mitigation strategies, compliance challenges, and successful compliance initiatives. Using primary resources and APA format, the report should be six to eight pages long, providing a comprehensive analysis of the organization’s compliance program.

Part 3: Provide an overview of the interview
To conclude, medical college students should provide a brief overview of their interview with the corporate compliance officer. This overview should highlight the most critical insights gained from the interview, such as challenges faced by the healthcare organization and successful compliance initiatives. By providing this overview, medical college students can provide their peers with a concise summary of their research and analysis.

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