Hello, Please find the discussion related questions. It should be

 Hello, Please find the discussion related questions. It should be more than 450 words with combined 6 questions. Need to submit this by 8 PM EST today.

Questions Starts from here :-

Let’s assume that you have an existing relational database.

  • What options do you have for removing a table from the database?
  • Is it possible to modify a table, i.e., adding or removing a column or changing a column’s type? 
  • Can you remove any table at any time?
  • What happens to foreign key references when a table is dropped?
  • Are there restrictions on dropping tables?
  • Can you modify any table in any way or are there limits?

Do some research on this focusing on SQLite as the database. What are the SQL statements for such activities? Provide examples.

Post your findings by the due date and respond to at least one other person in your assigned group within 48 hours after the due date. Contrast what they have found with what you have.

Note that we will grade your first post only and your reply. Do not make “dummy posts”. Of course, if you consult or use any external sources, cite them and do not directly copy from sources.

No posts or replies are accepted after 48 hours after the due date.

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