Hello, Below are the details of the assignment and the


Below are the details of the assignment and the resources to use (one additional may be used); APA format, 12 font, times new roman


We know that many ethical dilemmas may also carry legal ramifications, especially those environments that serve the public such as education. Identify a possible ethical dilemma that you might face in your educational field of study. Create a presentation that outlines and discusses the ethical dilemma and the possible legal ramifications.  Your presentation should include: 

1. A title slide

2. A description of the ethical dilemma

3. At least 2 solutions to the dilemma

4. The possible legal ramifications of each solution

5. What choice would you make?

6. Your justification for your choice

7. A reference slide

8. 6-8 slides not including the title or reference slide.








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