Give some examples as to why ethics is such an


  1. Give some examples as to why ethics is such an important topic for public administrators to study.
  2. Discuss how understanding normative ethical theories can help public administrators make decisions.
  3. When you reflect on Kohlberg’s theory of moral development – what level do you think most people are at? How might this impact how people behave? Why is it important to understand this?
  4. How might you see using the ethics triangle play out in real life? Do you think this is something that becomes easier with time? When might it be difficult to use the ethics triangle to make a decision?


For each discussion, you must answer the questions posted (thoughtfully, and with citations where appropriate). The post should be approximately 2 paragraphs long. Then, respond to at least two classmates’ posts. Each response should be approximately 1 paragraph long. I encourage everyone to read the responses to their posts. A Grading Rubric will be provided in the discussions.

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