For this blog assignment, you will review the requirements of

For this blog assignment, you will review the requirements of Critical Element III (Concluding Findings and Limitations) in the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric and provide your preliminary findings and conclusions regarding the market research you have done and the market strategies you will implement to promote your proposed product.

Concluding Findings and Limitations

  1. Describe the internal and external factors that support the organizational objectives. Be sure to think about how marketing research supports
    organizational objectives.
  2. Determine any possible, plausible future trends that may drastically change present findings in relationship to organizational objectives.
  3. Summarize how the marketing research might be supported by industry trends. Be sure to also think about how the marketing research
    supports industry direction.
  4. Compare how your proposed marketing strategy aligns with legal, ethical, and industry standards.
  5. Identify the implications for implementing the marketing proposal. Be sure to think about any legal or ethical influences.
  6. Identify the limitations of the marketing proposal based on available research. Provide examples of the limitations to support your claims.

Module Six Blog: Preliminary Findings and Limitations
First, review Critical Element III in the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric (Concluding Findings and Limitations) This can be found above. Considering your own proposed new product concept, your chosen organization, and the marketing brief you will be submitting as your final project, address the following:

  • How does the market research you have so far done support your chosen organization’s objectives?
  • What industry trends (and possible future trends) have you identified regarding your product proposal, and what are some possible implications of these
    trends on your organization?
  •  How does your proposed marketing strategy align to legal, ethical, and industry standards?
  •  What limitations have you encountered in creating a market proposal for your product? Was this due to gaps in the market research you conducted?

Guidelines for Submission: Your blog should be written in a professional voice and should be appropriately formatted for a blog. Sources should be cited using APA formatting. ***Blog entries must be 400 to 800 words in length.***

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