Develop an email following Business Email Format. You can type


Develop an email following Business Email Format. You can type it in an email system, save the draft and copy and paste it in the discussion window. Or, you can structure it with the appropriate subject line in the discussion window directly and addressed to your faculty discussing:

The steps of the strategic planning process with regard to organizing a health fair in rural 15,000 residents West Virginia as a community outreach for a non-for-profit general hospital in the area. Use average demographic distribution in WV (list the source you used) and 

-provide workforce component justification;

-list funding sources;

-provide epidemiological measures that will define the list of services offered at the fair (note: not clinical but managerial decisions);

-offer promotional mix base outline and timeframe;

-provide any other necessary components to address all steps of the strategic planning for this event.  

This email should not be longer that one page long

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