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Develop an assessment tool that can be utilized to evaluate the effectiveness of the change plan once implemented. Discuss the importance of this tool.

All submissions must have a minimum of two scholarly references to support your work.

Examples of work to show mastery:

  • 3-4 page paper – APA format

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Evaluation of the effectiveness of a change plan after implementation is crucial to determine if it has achieved its intended goals. One way to evaluate this is by developing an assessment tool. In this paper, we will discuss the importance of such a tool and provide some guidelines on developing an effective assessment tool.

Developing an assessment tool is crucial in evaluating the effectiveness of a change plan that has been implemented. It is essential to note that the assessment tool should be developed before the implementation of the change plan and revised after the implementation process. The tool enables an individual to quantify the impact of the change plan in achieving the intended results.

The assessment tool should be designed in a way that it captures the critical areas of focus such as the objectives of the change plan, organizational structure, and the resources required to achieve the goals. The approach should also incorporate primary and secondary evaluation methods such as surveys, interviews, and observations.

It is also crucial to ensure that the assessment tool is designed to be simple, reliable, and valid, otherwise, it may provide inaccurate or incomplete data. The assessment tool should also include both qualitative and quantitative measures to provide a detailed perspective on the success of the change plan.

In conclusion, developing an assessment tool is critical in determining whether a change plan has achieved its intended goals. It is essential to developing the tool before the implementation process and revising it afterward to ensure that it captures all the critical areas of focus. This tool enables an individual to evaluate the effectiveness of the change plan and provides valuable feedback for future improvements.

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