Answer the following prompts using complete sentences, good grammar, spelling,


Answer the following prompts using complete sentences, good grammar, spelling, and punctuation, utilize a word processing program, and proofread your work before submitting.  

Be sure to explain your answers and back yourself up with either references to the textbook reading or outside sources, preferably primary sources of law, such as the Virginia State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct or the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, or other source  AS APPROPRIATE (properly cited, of course).  Mention rules of law upon which you are relying within the body of your answers, and also include a complete citation to all of your sources in a references section at the bottom of your assignment.

  1. What are two (2) reasons for the duty of confidentiality?
  2. Name and explain two (2) exceptions to the duty of confidentiality.
  3. If you find information about a client during your personal time (outside of your job duties), why is this information still covered by the duty of confidentiality?
  4. Why is it a breach of the duty of confidentiality to discuss a client with your friend even if you change the name, or don’t mention the name of the client?
  5. If you haven’t already, this is a good time for you to know state law on these three (3) issues:
    • Duty of confidentiality
    • Attorney-client privilege
    • Work product privilege
  6. Where is this law located?  Is the duty in Virginia’s Rules of Professional Conduct?  Are the two (2) privileges located there also, in the state’s evidence code, or elsewhere?
  7. Find and correctly cite these sections of law.


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