A proposal for developing a coaching culture in a particular

A proposal for developing a coaching culture in a particular organization. As the author of this proposal, it does not matter if you assume that you are an outside consultant or an internal consultant to that organization. Choose an organization that you know fairly well, or research one. Your proposal should be about 10-15 pgs in length and include at least the following:

  • Cover page—Your name, company, and position and the title of the proposal.
  • Executive summary—Similar to an abstract, give the reader a quick understanding of the proposal
  • Organization Overview—Describe the organization and the current state of its coaching culture.
  • Needs—What challenges does the organization have? What needs does it have that a coaching culture would address?
  • Objectives—Measurable objectives for your particular plan.
  • Proposed plan—Details of the plan you propose. This is the heart of the proposal and should be at least 4-5 pgs long. How exactly would you implement a comprehensive long-term plan for creating a coaching culture? You may want to break this section down into the various areas that you would address. You may want to include training topics (and summaries) and/or procedural or policy changes. Anything is fair game – use your creativity.
  • Implementation Timeline—In any format you like, give an indication of how long each part of your plan will take.
  • Expected Outcomes—These should closely match your objectives.
  • Resources needed—You may approximate, but be sure to let the reader get an idea of what is involved to implement the plan.
  • Methods of evaluation—All programs should have built-in evaluation. How are you planning to determine how successful your program is as it is progressing?
  • Reference page with at least three supporting references (you may use class material or outside sources).

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